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Are Your Rights Being Violated?

We Can Help at NO Cost to You

In addition to helping consumers end collection abuse and telephone harassment, we are dedicated to consumer protection and will aggressively pursue those who violate your rights.


If your credit has been damaged, if you were sued for an old credit card debt, or if a conversation with a debt collector was recorded without your consent, WE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU. If you were abused, deceived, harassed, or treated unfairly in any way, call 877.677.5397 for a free consultation or click here to submit an online request for a free case evaluation.


We can help you with a variety of consumer issues, including:


    • It is illegal in the state of California to record or monitor a conversation unless it is disclosed to you.
    • If you believe a company recorded or monitored your conversation without advising you of such, you could be entitled to recovery. 

    • Did you advise a collection agency or creditor that you dispute the debt, but the company did not report the debt as disputed on your credit report? 
    • Hussin Law can help you dispute the debt with the Credit Reporting Agencies and may be able to get the debt removed from your credit report.
    • Do you have very old debts on your credit report, Hussin Law may be able to help you get the debt deleted.

    • Were you sued for an old debt that may be past the statute of limitations? 
    • Do you have a judgment entered against you that you never knew even about? 
    • Did you get sued by a creditor who knew the debt was invalid? 
    • Are you getting harassed or threatened by a collection attorney? 
    • Did you get tricked into signing a Stipulation to Entry of Judgment?
    • Did a collection law firm make misrepresentations to you about the collection law suit?

If you feel your rights have been violated in any way, we can help. Call 877.677.5397 or email [email protected] for a free consultation

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